Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Love Notes :: 16

Image Elizabeth Messina

I love you because you're my future
My present and part of my past
My world has been turning so quickly
And time just keeps moving so fast!

I love you because you have something
No ordinary person could give
Warmth that I'll cling onto forever
Hold onto as long as I live.

I love you because your devotion
Is tender and wonderfully rare;
And no one could ever imagine
The magical moments we share.

I love you because you are truthful
Your eyes hold a key to my heart
I know that you share my commitment
And we know that we never shall part.

I love you because you are wonderful
And you give to me all that I need
A hug when I seek reassurance
And a smile when we've disagreed.

I love you because... I just love you
For too many reasons to say
And I'll always be right here beside you
A breath and a heartbeat away.

I love you because Anon

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