Friday, 9 July 2010

Lovely delphiniums & Friday5

Last Week, I read this post and saw these photos over on Miss Pickering's blog, amazing huh? Which is why I decided to pop over to Miss Pickering's shop in Stamford to see them for myself. I came away with a lovely great bunch, placed them in various containers, old milk bottles and such around my home and they have made me smile everyday! It was lovely to meet Miss Pickering, what a fantastic little shop and the hound is even sweeter in real life... If you haven't read her blog before then please do, its pretty and fun and I believe she may have some lovely photos to share soon of a wedding that took place just this weekend {I hope it went well!}... Some pics of how Delphinium Week looked for me...

I also spotted this whilst reading my latest issue of Country Living... I am sure you all know by now how much I love this little shop, its a great write up and I am so pleased for Tracey!

And last but not least, this weeks Friday5...

1} Spotty teapot or the I Heart NY cups?
2} Loving these natural shots, the party string image is fab!
3} Fifteen beautiful rings...
4} I don't think I've ever met a polka dot I didn't like!
5} A well thought out photo, filled with love.