Tuesday, 4 May 2010

My Friday...

A little while back I spotted that Lynne from Tea for Joy was planning to run a 'Blogging for Designers' course, I jumped at the chance to learn some new blogging tips and tricks and got myself signed up straight away.

So last Friday I set off down to London town to meet Lynne and the other like minded bloggers booked onto the course. It was a great day, I really enjoyed meeting everybody and discussing / learning more about their work and their blogs.

If you haven't already then pop over and check out Tea for Joy, I love the 'Tea of the week' posts!

Also on the course I met Julie from The Crafty Currant

Heather from Crafty Little Greetings

and Madeleine from Madeleine Boulesteix

I'm really looking forward to seeing how everyones blogs change over the next few months as we all implement the things we learn't from Lynne!

My first change... Well I have bought the name twentysevenyearslater.com now I just need to figure out how to change it over!


  1. thanks for the mention with my header, you make it look pretty. Congrats on getting your dotcom. I wish I could remember how I got my one on but to be honest I think Google Apps did it for me, so I have no words of wisdom. Loving reading your daily updates, loved the pink and green, 2 of my favs (as you may have guessed!) x

  2. Tracey - I think in blogger it might be straightforward - if you look in the 'publishing' tab in settings, there's an option to switch to custom domain - that might work. But check the RSS feed works when you just enter www.twentysevenyearslater.com....Thanks for the mention, look forward to seeing the changes - oh, and I think the idea Heather gave you is a really good one!

  3. PS Love your new photo too