Monday, 16 August 2010

Saying thank you...

Yesterday was our 1st Wedding Anniversary ~ and what a lovely 1st year we've had! So today I just wanted to share with you the thank you cards that I designed for our wedding. We decided upon an image of us that we thought all of our guests would like for the front but the special part was the text that we wrote and placed to the right of the photo...

we laughed
we cried
we kissed
we hugged
we ate
we drank
we danced
we loved...

we married

It truly summed up our day!

When I show our thank you card to my clients they always love the wording and ask if they can use the same ~ which makes me smile ~ some clients ask to change words or add words of their own, which is great as then it truly sums up their day!

To find out more about my range of thank you cards please feel free to drop me a line...


  1. I like the simplicity of this, all the drama, all the emotion, and yet this is the essence of a wedding. Lovely.

  2. Tracey, a big congratulation! I love Beau-made with love! Especially because awesome vendors like you are so rare in UK! Keep up the amazing work!